The Roland Garros official ticket exchange is now open

The Viagogo Roland Garros exchange ticket website allows you to buy or resell tickets until the event date.

To purchase tickets on Viagogo:
– create an account on
– once you have logged in, a list of events will appear
– choose your tickets
– enter the holder’s name for each ticket: you can’t change holder’s name once the order has been confirmed
– enter your payment details
and that’s it. You will then receive an email confirmation with all the details to retrieve your e-tickets.

To sell tickets on Viagogo:
– create an account on
– enter the details of the ticket(s) you want to sell, including the unique ticket number
– the sale price will automatically populate as the face value of the ticket
– when someone buys your ticket, the ticket is transferred and the buyer is sent a new electronic ticket
– you get paid.

For more info on Roland Garros tickets, please read: How to buy Roland Garros 2013 tickets.
Post a comment if you have any question and I’ll try to answer.

7 Responses
  1. Paul Kivett says:

    New this year, ticket resale prices can be doubled on five days. I want to protest this change. No benefit to FFT, only makes profits for member ticket holders. To bad theybarecallowingbthis on the official web resale site.

  2. ludmilla says:

    Really? I didn’t know?

  3. Simon says:

    Ludmilla, I was forced to buy the semis package and I’d like to sell my ladies semis tickets but keep mens semis. But, I couldn’t actually adjust the dollar value of ticket after clicking resale button from RG FFT website. Since Viagogo charges 10% of seller’s ticket value, it’d make sense if I could at least raise the price by 10% to cover that charge. Somehow I can’t. I have since deleted my listing and tried to post it from Viagogo directly without going through RG FFT website. But, now it doesn’t let me sell cuz they thought it’s “listed” but it is no longer listed under My Listing. OMG, sooooo confusing?! Anyway, I emailed Viagogo and am awaiting their responses.

  4. Ben says:


    Unfortunately I missed out on getting tickets from the official FFT website and I’ve registered with Viagogo. Is it generally successful to purchase tickets from Viagogo? I’m looking for 1 ticket each for June 1 & 2…thanks.

  5. ludmilla says:

    @Simon did Viagogo give you an answer?

    @Ben sorry, I can’t help, I’ve never bought tickets with Viagogo

  6. Simon says:

    I called Viagogo and apparently RG FFT changed their policy. Tickets can only be listed at Face value on Viagogo and sellers do not get charged listing fees. I’m not exactly sure how much buyers get charged in this case though.

  7. judi says:

    I have been very successful getting tickets thru the ticket exchange on Viagogo..but I am a solo traveler.. one ticket is sometimes easier to get..You just have to look every day, as the offerings change constantly..and if you see something you want..don’t hesitate!! I have even gotten better tickets on the ticket exchange than I was able to get thru the FFT ticket sales…once I had secured the better seats..I resold my original tickets thru viagogo..they charge a fee..but was worth it to me..They sold instantly and I recieved pay,ment without any problem..but.,,they don’t pay you for your tickets until after the event is over… Unfortunately..I can only go for week 2 this year..I agree ..early rounds where you can be right up front on the outside courts..very fun!

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