Pantene Olympic campaign

Pantene, one of world’s leading haircare brands, has launched an exciting new campaign by introducing 11 successful female athletes as new health and beauty ambassadors, including Argentinian doubles specialist Gisela Dulko.

The athletes added to Pantene’s list of celebrity brand ambassadors, which already include Liv Tyler and Eva Mendes, are Jaqueline Carvalho (Brazil, Volleyball), Natalie Coughlin (USA, Swimming), Gisela Dulko (Argentina, Tennis), Paola Espinosa (Mexico, Diving), Evgeniya Kanaeva (Russia, Rhythmic Gymnastics), Wu Minxia (China, Diving), Victoria Pendleton (UK, Cycling), Annamay Pierse (Canada, Swimming), Aya Terakawa (Japan, Swimming). Additional athletes are to be announced later.

Below is a preview of the Pantene ads for Evgeniya Kanaeva, Natalie Coughlin, Paola Espinosa and Victoria Pendleton, due out in June:

Pantene Olympic campaign

Pantene Olympic campaign: Nathalie Coughlin

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