Once Abel Rincon and I decided to embark on a solidarity trip to Uganda, we had to think how to raise money to buy the stuff we wanted to donate, pay tickets for Kampala and stay for a week.

First we thought about selling products that were attractive and easy to sell.
So, we ordered 1,000 tennis ball keychains we would sell €2 each and 1,000 “WE LOVE Mini #TennisAid” silicone bracelets we’d sell €1 each. We did not expect that people would be so involved and suddenly we started receiving rackets, clothing, money.

One of the most pleasant surprises we had during this process was the shipment we received from WTA player Tita Torro: a box with 8 racquets, grips, cords…
We also got a racquet from another Silvia Soler, that we put up for auction on eBay. The fact that some players sympathize with our project, allowed us to gain more attention and give more dimension to our adventure.

At the same time, one of our hosts, Julius Kyobe confirmed us he would give us accommodation in his house, so lodging expenses and purchase of equipment were covered and we just had to focus on paying our flights.

The most surprising thing is we planned the trip in just 4 weeks: visas, vaccinations, certificates of donations (to prove the equipment was a donation and had no commercial purpose), collection of equipment… without forgetting we were still working as coaches!

The contributions did not stop there and our joy grew daily: the ESI Foundation (Esports Solidari Internacional) gave us a major boost: several boxes of clothes that could equip more than 130 children.

Bracelets came just 3 days before our trip, and the girls at the reception of the Tarragona Tennis Club (our base at the time) sold 850 of them in only 36 hours.

We had money, luggage were ready. Barcelona-London-Entebbe. En route!

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