With its cinemas, cafés, and luxury specialty shops, l’avenue des Champs Elysées* is one of the most famous streets in the world. Bordered by trees, the avenue runs for two kilometers from the Place de la Concorde, with the Luxor Obelisk, to the Place Charles de Gaulle, location of the Arc de Triomphe.

Les Champs Elysées, Paris

Les Champs Elysées have become the center for festivities and official parades:
– every year on Bastille Day, the largest military parade passes downed the Champs Elysées
– the traditional last stage of the Tour de France is the Champs Elysées stage

* Champs Elysées is french for “Elysian Fields”, the heroes’ paradise in the greek mythology.

Berthillon ice cream cone

Berthillon is a French manufacturer and retailer of luxury ice cream and sorbet. Their “glaces” (ice creams) are considered to be the best in Paris.
Berthillon has been around since 1954. They use all natural ingredients; no preservatives or additives in their products! They’re located at 29-31 Rue Saint Louis en l’ile, in Paris 4e.
I’ve never been there myself, but if you don’t mind queuing 30min just to buy an ice cream, go there and taste it. Check out their website for flavors, sorbets, and specialties of the house.