Naomi Osaka

Just Do It: Tokyo, Nike’s latest film, comes from Japan and encourages female athletes to move forward through sport. Tennis star Naomi Osaka, basketball player Evelyn Mawuli, dancer Koharu Sugawara and champion skateboarders Aori Nishimura and Sky Brown are among those featured.

“To me it’s always been about trusting myself and staying positive. I hope everyone can relate to that, just ignore the noise from others and keep on moving towards what you believe in,” Naomi Osaka

Rafa’s Custom Hoodie

Nike Japan designed a special gift to honor Rafa‘s recent successes and his inaugural trip to Japan. The one-of-a-kind hoodie was inspired by a traditional Japanese jacket called “Suka-Jan,” famous for beautiful embroideries that cover the back.

Rafa's custom hoodie

The four Japanese characters on the back spell out “Raging Bull Attack” – the two on the left for “Raging Bull,” from his nickname, and the two on the right making up a common word historically used when outsiders would attack Japan. It symbolizes Rafa’s historical first visit to the country and the world-class level of physical and mental “attack” he brings to the game of tennis.
Below the Japanese characters is an unmistakable icon of Japan: the sun rising through the clouds above Mount Fuji. It is included as a beautiful reminder of the country.
The “Raging Bull” sits just below Mt. Fuji, adorned in red and purple peonies, with red representing the national color of Japan and purple nobility.

Here’s an up close look at the face of “Raging Bull” and White Snake. The face design was inspired by a Japanese traditional celebration icon called “Shishi-mai” or “Lion Dance” which is used only during happy celebrations in Japan.
The White Snake is a symbol of good luck, so by intertwining the Snake (luck) with the Bull (Rafa), they are bringing good luck to him.


The peony, hand-embroidered in gold thread, that adorns the hood of the jacket represents Rafa’s current status as “King” or Number 1 in tennis.

Source: Nike