Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams are among 13 athletes featured in Nike’s new “Find your Fast” campaign.

Nike’s “Find Your Fast” campaign brings together some of the planet’s beacons of speed to inspire athletes to run or train for their fastest time this summer. Whether preparing for a first mile or looking to shave seconds or minutes off a personal record, all athletes can get faster.

“Fast in tennis means always being in the point. No matter what an opponent sends my way I can get it. Because you can’t hit what you can’t reach!” – Serena Williams

Serena Williams, Find your fast campaign

“Being fast in tennis is everything. If I’m quicker to the ball I’m in greater control and I can exert my will on the match and the opponent. Fast wins matches. I want everything about me on court to be fast.” – Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal, Find your fast campaign

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A parallel to Dan Wieden’s “Just Do It” slogan decades ago, Nike China unveiled “Use Sports…” as the continuing call that sports are more then activities but catalysts to something greater.
Conceived by Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai, “Use Sports…” is a preposition that welcomes participants to finish statement. It also serves as the unofficial motto to the Festival of Sports, a 4-day sporting even in Shanghai next month.
As a lead in to the numerous festivities to take place, Nike China asked Kobe Bryant, French Open Champion Li Na, and other inspiring sports figures to take part in this brief video. And so that other aspiring athletes out there will too “use sports” to achieve something greater.

Source: freshnessmag