Stosur vs Schiavone live coverage

Francesca Schiavone à propos Sam Stosur: “She’s very strong, great power. She improves so mentally, physically a lot.
I think will be very tough and very close match, and will be a lot of tactics in the court. I think like this.”

Sam Stosur about Francesca Schiavone: “I think, you know, it’s a final. It’s a different situation and everything else. I mean, who knows what’s gonna happen? I think it’s whoever can handle it better on the day. And then like I said before, maybe keep it about the tennis and they’ll probably have a good shot at winning.”

15.05 Warm-up

15.12 First point: winning serve for Stosur

15.13 First game to Stosur

15.14 Ace, 15-0 for Schiavone

15.17 1 game all

15.19 No problem on serve for Sam, 2-1

15.22 Schiavone holds serve easily 2-2

15.25 0-30

15.27 A beauty of a forehand down the line and 3-2 for the Australian

15.30 Schiavone attacks the net and 15-0

15.33 3 all, really interesting match so far.

15.37 4-3

15.41 4-4, 30 minutes of play

15.42 Big error from Stosur on net 0-30. Return and volley by Schiavone and 3 break points

15.46 Break for Schiavone, she will serve for the first set. The Italian varies a lot, comes to the net, she’s on fire!

15.53 First set for Schiavone 6-4!

16.02 Ouch awful volley by Stosur once again. Is she really a former n°1 in doubles. Painful to watch.
And 2 break points for Francesca!

16.07 Sam holds serve 2-1 second set

16.16 Stosur breaks 3-1

16.24 4-2 0-40 and 4-3. Too many errors for Stosur, time to wake up!

16.30 4-4

16.45 Tie break 2-1 for Schiavone

16.48 4-2 for Schiavone, just 3 more points and she will be a Grand Slam winner!

16.50 4 match points
and that’s it, Francesca Schiavone captured the French Open crown!

What a wonderful moment for Francesca. Nice words for Sam. And now in italian: “Grazie a tutti”
Spettacolo la Schiavone. Francesca, sei un mito!

So, it was a great final with a high tennis level, really entertaining, and a deserving winner.

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