London calling

Unless some kind and generous sponsor offer me tickets and hotel, I won’t be able to go to London to cover Wimbledon. So, if you happen to attend Wimbledon, please send me an email to share your story at contact @ You can also add you photos to our Flickr Tennis Buzz pool.

Fred Perry “Tell Us Your Story” Campaign

Fred Perry’s more than 100 year legacy as a tennis player and brand has more than cemented itself as one of Britain’s most iconic labels. Through its history, Fred Perry’s Laurel logo has been seen on the polo shirts of many subcultures in the past 50 odd years. The “Tell Us Your Story” campaign is […]

Lacoste Stealth “Steel Racquet” Collection

As part of the Stealth capsule collection, Lacoste will be releasing a new collection titled Steel Racquets. The story of the “Steel Raquet” goes back to 1963 when Rene Lacoste developed the world’s first steel tennis racquet. This tennis racquet then went on to earn court time with tennis greats such as Jimmy Connors, Billie […]

2010 Wimbledon: Ana Ivanovic adidas dress

Much better than Justine Henin’s outfit. But leggings???

2010 Wimbledon: Justine Henin adidas outfit

In one word: BORING!   adidas design the same thing over and over again! Creativity anyone?

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