How to buy French Open resale tickets

How to buy Roland Garros resale tickets

You didn’t manage to get the tickets you wanted for the upcoming French Open? You’ve got a second chance: the resale tickets. And actually a third chance with the last minute tickets sale opening on May 7.
Don’t use unofficial reseller sites like viagogo or stubhub because: a) you can never be sure tickets solid on those sites are actually valid tickets b) you’d buy them at a higher price than their face value.

There’s in fact no difference between ordering resale tickets or “normal” tickets.

1. Connect to your Roland Garros account

.. or set one up if needed

2. Click on Order, select a day and court

How to buy Roland Garros resale tickets

3. Select an offer

How to buy Roland Garros resale tickets

How to buy Roland Garros resale tickets

How to buy Roland Garros resale tickets

4. Validate your order

… or select more tickets

How to buy Roland Garros resale tickets

5. Select additional services

… like parking or food. If you want my two cents: bring your own food and take the metro to get to the stadium.

6. Enter your payment details

How to buy French Open resale tickets

and that’s it. You’ll soon receive a mail with all the details of your order. Don’t forget to assign each ticket to a ticket holder!

If you have any question, feel free to ask below, I’ll do my best to answer.

6 Responses
  1. s. strauss says:

    unable to set up a roland garros account?

  2. ludmilla says:

    You have a problem to set up an account? Please explain

  3. Maria says:

    Hello, do you have any experience on the resale tickets? Do some people resell their SF or F tickets? Or mostly other days only?

  4. ludmilla says:

    I bought womens semifinals and final tickets a few years ago. It might be more difficult to get mens SF or final tickets.

  5. Greg says:

    I mistakenly missed the general public sale of tickets. I’m in Paris for a very narrow (popular) window (Sunday June 3rd). Tickets available by Stubhub and Viagogo are running about $350 each for Phillipe Chartier. I read in the Tennis Buzz article that in mid-April additional resale tickets may come available. Are they released on a specific date, or do you just check back every day around that time? Any other options for getting day sessions tickets for June 3rd at less than the current $350?

  6. ludmilla says:

    Hi Greg,
    as explained here:, there are only 2 legal ways to buy RG tickets: the official site and official agencies that sell packages (hotel + food + seats…)
    People selling tickets on viagogo or stubhub can sell the ticket multiple times and prices are insane.
    Resale tickets will be available from end of April on RG website (date not known so far) and then you have to check out regularly if the tickets you’d like to buy are available.

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