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How to buy 2014 French Open tickets

Except for qualifiers, there are no ticket sales at the stadium itself before or during tournament. All bookings have to be made before the event. The tickets sell out really fast, so you better be prepared.

The events

Rafael Nadal

Qualifiers – 20 to 23 May

Tickets for the stadium during the qualifiers give the bearer access to the entire public area within the stadium. Courts 6 to 18 have unreserved seating and are open to all. Court Suzanne Lenglen is also open to all spectators to watch players from the main draw practising before the tournament starts.

Roland Garros Kids’ Day – 24 May

Roland Garros Kids’ Day is a charity event, devoted to fund raising for charitable organisations. On Kids’ Day, exhibition matches are scheduled on the three main courts, with plenty of other activities and practice sessions on the other courts and throughout the stadium.

French Open – 25 May to 8 June

Follow our 2014 French Open coverage on Tennis Buzz.

Legends Trophy

The Legends Trophy (Trophée des Légendes) brings together twenty-four of history’s greatest champions, grouped according to age in the two men’s draws, and twelve former women’s tennis stars. It is a great opportunity to watch some former champions play in a friendly and funny atmosphere.
Matches are played on court 1 and court Suzanne Lenglen during the second week of the French Open.

Wheelchair tennis tournament

The wheelchair tennis tournament is held on courts 7, 9 and 11 during the second week of the French Open.
All wheelchair tennis matches can be watched by holders of outside courts tickets.

The courts

Court Philippe Chatrier

Court Philippe Chatrier was built in 1928 as Roland Garros’s centerpiece and remains its principal venue, seating 14,840 spectators. The stadium was known simply as “Court Central” until 1998, when it was renamed for Philippe Chatrier, the long-time president of the Fédération Française de Tennis (FFT) who helped restore tennis as a Summer Olympics sport in 1988.

Court Suzanne Lenglen

The secondary Roland Garros stadium with a capacity of 10,068 spectators, the court Suzanne Lenglen was built in 1994. Suzanne Lenglen, born in 1899, was the first female tennis celebrity and one of the first international female sport stars, named La Divine (the divine one) by the French press.

Court One

Nicknamed the “Bullring” because of its circular shape – is a favorite among serious tennis fans because of its relatively small size ( 3,800 seats) and feeling of close proximity to the action.

Outside courts

Courts 2, 3 and 7 are the main outside courts and have been the scene of some stunning French Open upsets in the past. In the early rounds of the tournament, outside courts are also the place to be to watch the top players practicing (check out my pics of Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova and Sam Stosur at practice).

Tickets for courts Philippe Chatrier, Suzanne Lenglen and one give access to the outside courts. On main show courts you will be assigned an allocated seat for the whole day. On the outside courts, seating is on a first come first served basis, there is no allocated seat.

The tickets

Serena Williams

Individual tickets

3 types of individual tickets are available:

Individual all day tickets

Evening Visitors from 25 May to 1 June: Tickets to one of the show courts from 5pm.
– book your evening ticket online from 5pm the day before your visit.
– come to the ticket office at Gate B – Mousquetaires the day of your visit.

Afternoon visitors from 25 May to 1 June: Tickets to the outside courts and all the public areas from 3pm.
– book your afternoon ticket online from 3pm the day before your visit
– come to the Gate I – Suzanne-Lenglen the day of your visit
– enter the Grounds directly from 3pm.

Multi day passes

Multi-day passes offer a better rate than tickets bought separately. Packs available:
– qualifying 2 and 4 days passes
– week end: Saturday 31 May and Sunday 1 June
– first week: Sunday 25 May to Sunday 1 June
– second week: Monday 2 to Sunday 8 June
– semifinals: Thursday 5 and Friday 6 June
– finals: Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 June

VIP packages

All VIP packages include:
– one ticket to the Court Philippe-Chatrier or Suzanne-Lenglen, in category Loge, 1 or 2
– dedicated services: lounges, dining, hotels …

VIP packages are on sale since January 15th. All the details here.

How to order tickets

There are only 3 ways to (legally) buy tickets:
– the official Roland Garros website
– the Viagogo Roland Garros exchange ticket website
– official French Open agencies that propose exclusively VIP tickets and corporate hospitality offers. You can find the complete list here.

Roland Garros website

Ticket sales open to the general public on March 12th. Tickets are sold on a first come first served basis, so check out the website in advance to plan what days and courts you would like tickets for.

– create an account on
– choose your event (French Open, Qualifyings, Roland Garros Kids Day, Evening visitors, Wheelchair tennis tournament, Perrier Legends Trophy)
– choose your offer (Packs or Individual tickets)
– select the court and date of your choice
– when you have selected all your tickets, enter your payment details

You will then receive an email confirmation with all the details to retrieve you e-tickets.
The e-tickets need to be printed and will be scanned at the entrance gate of the stadium, where a pass will be printed in the name of the ticketholder. These will be checked against an ID to enter the stadium.

Viagogo Roland Garros exchange ticket website

From April, you can also purchase and resell tickets via the Roland-Garros / Viagogo ticket exchange. You can buy tickets up until the day of the event, depending on their avalaibility.
To purchase tickets on Viagogo:
– create an account on
– once you have logged in, a list of events will appear
– choose your tickets
– enter the holder’s name for each ticket: you can’t change holder’s name once the order has been confirmed
– enter your payment details

You will then receive an email confirmation with all the details to retrieve your e-tickets.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here, I’ll try to answer the best I can.

42 Responses
  1. Ioana says:

    Hi there! Would you recommend to choose cat.1 ticket over cat.2 or cat.3? Can you see better, or do you feel the action better if you’re closer? 🙂 It would be my first time attending Roland Garros, so, any advise is certainly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. ludmilla says:

    Hi Iona,

    Of course with cat 1 you’re closer to the courts, but it’s more expensive.
    Good luck for you tickets

  3. Simon says:

    RG’s PC / SL courts are quite cozy compared to US Open’s Arthur Ashe. They are more like Louis Armstrong. But, any category is good, in my opinion 🙂

  4. Ioana says:

    I decided for cat. 2 and 3, in the end. Got the tickets. Thanks for the tips, both of you. See you there!:)

  5. ludmilla says:

    Great! Which days will you go?

  6. Ioana says:

    I bought individual all day tickets for the main court for the 3rd, 4th, 6th and 8th (quarter-finals, semi-finals and final).

  7. Luka says:


    I’ve got tickets for the single’s men finale cat2 Sunday 8 June.

  8. Xing says:

    Do you think this website sells legitimate tickets?

  9. ludmilla says:

    @Xing yes they do

  10. Xing says:

    Thanks ludmilla! They just charge outrageous service fees. Do you think it’s a good idea to wait until match days for tickets to become available in viagogo? Will there be good chances to get (cheaper) tickets then?

  11. ludmilla says:

    Can’t help you, what type of tix do you want to buy? Chatrier, Lenglen, Court 1, outside courts?
    Is there something left on the official website?

  12. Xing says:

    Only the VIPs are left. Is also legit? I’m just curious why their individual tickets are so expensive – are they not sold on face value? I want Chatrier tickets 🙁

  13. Panagiotis says:

    I have two cat.3 tickets for Men and Women’s Singles Quarter-Finals
    Court Philippe-Chatrier, Paris, France
    Wednesday, 04 June 2014 14:00
    If anyone want them please leave a comment,

  14. Bruno says:

    I sell a legitimate ticket cat.2 ticket for Friday 30th mai on Philipe Chatrier court only 100€

  15. Youssef says:

    I am desperate for men’s finals tickets. I have promised my GF and cannot back off.
    Can anyone direct me somewhere somehow???
    I really need 2 tickets. and I’m scared to buy them from tennis or any other website because i am not sure they r legitimate.
    thanks for any help!

  16. Mamma says:

    If I get “outside courts” on June 4 of Quarter finals days- would I likely see those players practicing or not? What would I see?

    If I buy tix for Quarter finals day does that allow me to be there during during the day and evening to see the matches played only on the specific court the tix are for?

    What if it rains- are there rain checks for next day or do you iu just miss tennis?

    Thanks for your help!

  17. Jeff says:

    Panagiotis…I only need one. How much for one?

  18. ludmilla says:

    @Mamma if you get outside tickets for the 4th of June, you’ll see practices, juniors matches, seniors matches and wheelchair tennis. Here’s the schedule :

    Quarterfinals are played on court Chartrier and court Lenglen, so if you’ve got Chatrier tix, you’ll see Chatrier + outside courts. If you’ve got Lenglen, you’ll see Lenglen + outside courts.
    There is no evening session at Roland Garros.

    If it rains, it rains, no tennis.

  19. ludmilla says:

    @Youssef you should try Viagogo

  20. Panagiotis says:

    Sorry my mistake, the tickets are these: 04/06 Court Suzanne-Lenglen, Tri Sud, Esc 12, Rang 18, Cat.2
    Are you still interesting?

  21. fabien says:


    I ve 2 tickets for the FINAL on June 7th.

    It s good seats : category 2.

    Price: 400€/ticket

    if you are interested you can contact me by email :


  22. fabien says:

    It ‘s on the court Philipe Chatrier.

  23. Jeff says:

    Yes very interested.
    Only need 1 ticket. June 4
    How much?

  24. Panagiotis says:

    Jeff give your email to send you details…

  25. Pablo says:

    Looking for 2 tickets 29 may .

  26. JOSE LUIS says:

    Hey, I bought two extra tickets CAT. 1 for may 28 court Philipe Chatrier, if anyone is interested contact me, im going that day too.

  27. DIDIER says:

    Got 2×2 tickets for French Open
    2 tickets for the thursday 29th court 1 rank 5 (100 each)
    2 tickets for the saturday 31th court 1 rank 6 (150 each)

    e-tickets that needs to be register at your name.
    Deadline for registring is 24h in advance.
    Contact in Paris.

  28. Matt says:


    I will be in Paris for the 2nd week for French Open and keen to see Federers quarter final on the 03 June.

    Can anyone help me know whether is will be played on Philippe-Chatrier or Suzanne-Lenglen? And if anyone has any spare tickets (two)?


  29. fabien says:

    I ve 2 extra tickets for the FINAL on June 7th.

    It s good seats : category 2.

    Price: 250€/ticket

    if you are interested you can contact me by email :


  30. ludmilla says:

    @Matt, the schedule of play is released the evening before so nobody can tell you now where Federer will play.

  31. Matt says:

    @ludmilla, Cheers – I understand. He would usually be shoe-in for the Philippe-Chatrier but Djokovic should also be playing that day. Makes it hard to buy tickets in advance.

    Also – anyone with 2 x men’s semifinal tickets also on the 06 June?

  32. ludmilla says:

    @Matt: if a French player (Simon or Tsonga) reaches the 1/4, he will play on Chatrier, so Federer would play on Lenglen

  33. Maria says:

    Could anyone helps me with tickets for the men semi-finals 6th June on Philippe-Chatrier and for the men finals 8th June? Unfortunately, there are no more tickets on the official site and on
    I will be very obliged!!!
    The warmest regards from Ukraine 🙂

  34. Anna says:

    We still have one ticket for the 04/06 Court Suzanne-Lenglen, Tri Sud, Esc 12, Rang 18, Cat.2. If anybody is interested please leave a comment. Thank you!

  35. Maud says:

    Hi there,

    I have 2 tickets for the men’s semi-finals on June 6th 2014. Court Philippe Chatrier. Categorie 3.

    Contact me at

  36. Maud says:


    I have one ticket left for the men’s semi-finale on June 6th catégorie 3, tribune J.Brugnon.
    I sell it 230€.
    Email me if interested :

    Have a nice day

  37. Alix says:

    Hi i need to know the rain policy asap. I want to go to the match wednesday however it is 80% chance of rain. I want to buy the 14:00-17:00 ticket but what if the match gets cancelled.

  38. Andy says:

    Hi guys,

    i have

    1 E-Ticket for the MEN’S FINAL on June 8th.

    Court Philippe Chatrier
    Category 3,
    Ttribune J – Borotra
    Rank 15

    Price : 250€.

    Contact in Paris Opéra until Friday 7pm.
    Deadline for registring is 24h in advance.

  39. jeana says:

    Hello there-

    My husband and I have an extra pair of tickets to the Mens Semi-Finals on Friday, June 6th.
    They are great seats:

    Court Philippe-Chatrier
    Tri J. BOROTRA
    Esc 26
    Rang 13
    Category 2

    Plus, 1 meal package – sandwich, drink and dessert.

    Price: 330€ total

    Please email if interested:

    These tickets need to be registered by 11:59pm Thursday, June 5.
    We’ll be staying near the Convention Center in the 15th arrond. starting Thursday afternoon.
    We will be departing from San Francisco on Wednesday so please get in touch with us asap.

  40. Shamim says:

    Hello All passionate Tennis/French Open Fans,

    Am hoping to fulifill a real life-dream and see tennis at Roland Garros this year, with the target for the SemiFinals Mens for June 5th. By the time I got through in the virtual que this morning, no individual tickets left, and am kicking myself as I hesitated for a couple mintues to get the only option for Cat. 3 Men’s and Ladies Semifinal and saw (paired/2) tickets vanish before my eyes.

    Am trying to be proactive to identify anyone who ends up realizing they have extra tickets for this day/event. My wife and I wlll be endlessly appreciative.

    Thanks in advance

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