FWOTD #7: le jardin du Luxembourg

The Jardin du Luxembourg is Paris’ largest public park, and favorite place to sun, stroll, picnic and play. It is the garden of the palais du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Palace), built by Marie de Medicis, mother of king Louis XIII in the 17th century. Luxembourg Palace has served many roles over the years. It has been a royal property, a museum, a prison, and served as headquarters of the Luftwaffe (german Air Force) during WWII. Today it is home to the Sénat (upper house of the French parliament).

Une soirée dans les Jardins du Luxembourg / An evening in the Luxembourg Garden

At the center of the park is an octogonal pond, known as the Grand bassin. Here, children can rent and sail model boats. The garden contains over a hundred statues, monuments and fountains, scattered throughout the grounds.
Tennis courts are also located in the garden’s central-west sector. Opening hours are the same as the park’s and vary depending on the time of year.

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