The POPB, home of the Paris Bercy Masters

Programmed in the context of Paris bid to host the 1992 Olympics, the POPB (Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy) was conceived as a modifiable sports arena capable of accomodating between 3500 and 17000 spectators for over 24 sports from basketball to boxing to tennis. Recognizing that sports tournaments alone would not be enough to make the project viable, the municipality also required that the new arena be capable of hosting arts events (concerts, musicals…)

Architecture parisienne.

Designed by a team of architects: Andrault-Parat, Prouvé and Guvan, the POPB can be can be easily recognized by its pyramidal shape and its walls covered with sloping lawn.

The huge stadium is located in the 12th arrondissement next to the Parc de Bercy that was landscaped in the 1970’s when the district was redeveloped on the site of the former Wine Warehouses known as Entrepôts de Bercy.

Architecture parisienne.

The POPB opened in 1984, and is home of the Paris Bercy Masters since 1986.


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