Tested for you: Sugarpova

I bought a bag of Sugarpova at Roland Garros last year, and totally forgot about it. I guess it’s more than time for me to taste it!

First, a look at the package:

The overall look is full of energy and fun. Psychedelic lips, the primary design element on each package, change color and pattern, depending on the flavour. Each flavour is named after an adjective, including Quirky, Sporty, Cheeky… mine is Flirty Sour.

The logo and design brand suit Maria Sharapova‘s sweetheart-like image quite well.



A portion of every Sugarpova purchase is given to the Maria Sharapova Foundation:


Lips, hearts, stars… Does it taste as good as it looks?


Verdict: It doesn’t taste bad, it doesn’t taste good either, it’s bland and artificial. I probably should have bought an other flavour to compare taste. Will I buy another bag of Sugarpova? Probably not.

You can buy Sugarpova online, at different stores in the USA and at some tournaments. Sugarpova was also sponsor of the Open GDF Suez in Paris last year:

Maria Sharapova

and a Sugarpova pop-up store opened up in the Wimbledon Village during the tournament:

Sugarpova pop-up store

Photo credit: Tennis Buzz, Karen (Wimbledon pop-up store)

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