Excellent interactive infographic by the New York Times that breaks down a serve in tennis.

From NY Times: In the blur of the serve, there can seem to be a variety of techniques used, but for the world’s best players, the essential components are the same. Here is a look at how all the body’s segments intricately combine to produce tremendous racket-​head speed.

Check out the video here.

Rafa’s playing style

Rafa Nadal: “My game is to play with the rallies. I don’t want to play serve and volley or serve and one shot or ace. Everybody has to know that. My game is to play with intensity, play good rhythm all the time, and try to play long times without having mistakes.”


Rafael Nadal forehand

His heavy spin forehand is one of the heaviest shot in today’s tennis. It’s the central component of his game, allowing him to dictate the play from the baseline.
Nadal forehand shot rotates at an average of 3200 times a minute (2700 for Roger Federer). Being given that he plays left handed, the spins come onto the racquet different to what players practise all of the time. Lately he tried to reduce the spin in order to win more winners, especially on hard courts.

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