Need a break between two tennis matches at Roland Garros? Pay a visit to Roland Garros tennis museum (also called Tenniseum), situated near Gate B. It is open to the public free of charge from 10am to 7pm during the tournament.

Tennis museum at Roland Garros

The museum was created in 2003, I first visited it in 2005 or 2006 but haven’t since.
The permanent exhibition area, that has been totally revamped last year, features some player memorabilia, a few videos as well as some infos about tennis history and the future Roland Garros expansion.

Roland Garros museum

Roland Garros museum

Roland Garros museum
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Entering to win is simple – just follow @WilsonTennis on Twitter and tweet the following: RT @WilsonTennis: Let’s celebrate @KeiNishikori’s title in Memphis. RT & follow to win a Steam racket signed by Kei

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Write a review on the new HEAD YouTek Graphene Speed or Instinct for a chance to win a practice session with HEAD star players Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic.

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ATP world’s No.1 is heading into 2013 season with new HEAD SPEED racquet.

Novak’s brand-new weapon is the top model of the redesigned YouTek SPEED tour racquet series from HEAD, which introduces a revolutionary technology to modern racquet construction: HEAD Graphene.

Graphene is a unique material consisting of a single two-dimensional layer of carbon atoms with exceptional properties. It’s extremely lightweight, but has a breaking strength 200 times greater than steel. The integration of Graphene™ in the racquet shaft allowed HEAD engineers to reduce weight in the middle part of the tennis racquet and shift it to functionally more relevant areas in the grip and the head instead.

This unique construction with Graphene technology allows for the first time an optimized redistribution of weight in HEAD racquets: more weight in the grip makes the racquet more manoeuvrable and easier to swing; more weight in the racquet head enables even more powerful shots – and will give Djokovic’s opponents a really hard time.

Check out Novak commercial with special guest Maria Sharapova:

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Now entering into its fifth generation, the Babolat AeroPro Drive has been the racquet of choice for top players like Rafael Nadal and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

The latest Aeropro Drive uses the new Cortex Active Technology, which brings players more feel to perfectly control spin with each shot.

With an increased focus on technology, the Aeropro Drive includes:
Aero Modular Technology — an aerodynamic shape and modular frame that optimizes the penetration of the racquet through the air for more power and spin.
Woofer — a system allowing the frame and strings to interact for more feel and accuracy when hitting the ball.
GT Technology — a graphite and tungsten composition allowing for reduced torque on impact and optimized precision.

The AeroPro range includes:

AeroPro Drive/AeroPro Drive +
Player profile: For baseline players looking for power and spin
Suggested retail price (unstrung): $199.00
Head size: 645 cm2
Weight (unstrung): 300 g

AeroPro Team
Player profile: For baseline players who appreciate power, while looking for more maneuverability.
Suggested retail price (unstrung): $195.00
Head size: 645 cm2
Weight (unstrung): 280 g

AeroPro Lite
Player profile: For ladies and high-level juniors looking for a lightweight racquet with spin.
Suggested retail price (unstrung): $189.00
Head size: 645 cm2
Weight (unstrung): 260 g