Snauwaert racquet

Early New Year’s resolution for me, as I decided to play tennis again after a long long long … very long time.

First step: to buy a brand new racquet.
My first ever racquet was a blue Slazenger racquet, looking like this one but with blue grip and frame. Do you remember your first racquet?

After a few searches online I’ve decided to give a chance to a brand that is reborn from its ashes: Snauwaert.
Snauwaert was founded in 1928 by two Belgian brothers-in-law Valler Snauwaert and Eugeen Depla. The company went out of business in 1994. Milos Mecir, Mikael Pernfors and Vitas Gerulaitis used to play with Snauwaert racquets back in the days.
The company is now back to business thanks to new investors. Former top 20 Xavier Malisse is a brand ambassador while Dominique Monami is Snauwaert’s communication manager.

They currently sell four different models, available each in two weight and balance combinations:
– Grinta 98 for attacking players, provides control and spin
– Grinta 100 for creative allcourters, provides an all-round mix of control, power and spin
– Vitas 100 for explosive allcourters, provides extra power and spin
– Vitas 105 for players just getting into the game

When ordering you can also choose between three kind of strings:
– black beam for extreme spin and durability
– white beam for balacnced power and control
– sunny core for extreme power and control

I opted for the Vitas Snauwaert 105 265g with sunny core string for €210. It’s quite expensive but when you have the racquet in hand, you feel that’s a really high quality product.

An early Christmas present, a Snauwaert Vitas 105:

Snauwaert racquet

Snauwaert racquet

Snauwaert racquet

Snauwaert racquet
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Lacoste croc

I’ve been lucky to get invited to a quick tour of Lacoste‘s showroom in Paris last Monday. The opportunity to have a look at pieces of the Fall 2015 fashion collection, the tennis collection, but also the soon-to-be released LT12 hybrid racquet.

First, a look at the Fall fashion collection. The iconic Lacoste polo shirt invented by René Lacoste in 1933:



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Gustavo Kuerten

French tennis great René Lacoste invented the polo shirt and the tennis-ball machine but also the metal racquet. In 2015, animated by the same quest for innovation, Lacoste launches the LT12, a hybrid racket born from the combination of wood (70%) and graphite (30%). Entirely made by a French craftsman based in Albertville, each racquet takes five hours to produce.
The LT12 racquet, produced as a limited edition of 650 numbered pieces, will be available from April 2015 at the price of 550€.

Lacoste LT12 collection
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Roger Federer Wilson interview

Wilson just released this interview with Roger Federer, in which he talks about his new Wilson RF 97 Autograph racquet, his pre-match routine, how he feels mentally and physically going into the US Open, and much more. Enjoy:

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