The French Tennis Federation has unveiled the official poster for Roland Garros 2014, designed by Spaniard Jean Uslé.

He chose to depict the dramatic yet civilised clash between tennis players, showing the net, the ball and the epic action in a colourful baroque work.

Roland Garros 2014 poster

Horrible as usual…This was Roland Garros 2013 poster, designed by David Nash:

poster Roland Garros 2013

and Roland Garros 2012 poster by Hervé di Rosa:

poster Roland Garros 2012

A 5-year old kid would do better, don’t you think?

Since 1980, a different artist has been commissioned each year to design an official poster to celebrate Roland Garros.

The French Tennis Federation has unveiled the official poster designed by British artist David Nash, for the 2013 French Open tennis tournament that will be played from May 27 to June 9, 2013.

A 5 year old would do better…

Students from Kingston University won an exclusive competition to design the official poster for the 2012 Wimbledon tennis championship.

Twelve entries were chosen from 52 and condensed into one poster, for the competition that was sponsored by the All England Lawn Tennis Club.

Much much better in my opinion than this year’s Roland Garros poster.
My favorite of the 12 mini-posters is the second from the right on the bottom row, designed by Joseph Vass:

“My favourite shot in tennis is the slice! With this as my point of inspiration I created visual slices of the lawn tennis Championships. I included the trophy to signify the heritage of the competition, a racket hitting a ball at high velocity, a crowd transfixed watching a point and the token fruit of Wimbledon.”

You can buy The Championships 2012 Poster at the Official Wimbledon Shop

Here are twelve posters that have been created by leading British artists to celebrate London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The artists were asked to create imagery that celebrates the Olympic Games coming to London and expresses the values of the Olympics and Paralympics.

The images will go on show at Tate Britain in a free exhibition as part of the London 2012 Festival this summer, full details can be found on the festival website The images will also be featured as part of a high profile campaign to promote the London 2012 Games.

The posters (at a cost of £7) and a small number of limited edition prints are available to order on the London 2012 online shop.

Rachel Whiteread – LOndOn 2O12
For her print, she has composed a pattern of overlapping rings in the Olympic colours. The rings explore the emblem of the Olympic Games, and also represent marks left by drinking bottles or glasses. They act as memories of a social gathering, such as the athletes in the stadium during the opening ceremony or the spectators of the Olympic Games.

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The French Open starts in about two months, and the French Federation of Tennis unveiled this year’s poster, designed by artist Hervé Di Rosa.
The artist chose to highlight the tennis ball because it’s « the main object of attention on a court, more than players. We watch players when they are in contact with the ball ».

Well, all I see is those disgusting big mouthes, UGLY! What do you think of it ?