This Fall, the NFL will launch the latest installment of its women’s apparel campaign. The league has made great strides in its effort to develop fashion-forward fan gear, allowing females suit up in their team colors while maintaining their sense of style.
The 2010 season marked the debut of “NFL Women’s Apparel, Fit For You”, the first time the league dedicated a campaign to its female offerings. Last year’s campaign expanded to include additional clothing and accessory items, as well as an established digital home at The upcoming NFL season is just a few months away as is the latest round of apparel ads.

Serena Williams, Melania Trump and Condoleezza Rice are among the NFL fans who’ll be appearing in ads promoting team-themed apparel and gear in a campaign called “It’s My Team.”

“Forty-five percent of fans are female and that continues to grow,”

says Tracey Bleczinski, vice president of NFL consumer products.

“We do have something for everyone, and this campaign aims to communicate that if you are living and wearing football, you can do it every day, year-round.”

Serena, who is not only a fan but also a limited partner in the Miami Dolphins, wears her team colors in a graphic T-shirt paired with a dressy little black jacket. The image makes its debut in September magazines.

Via A Glam Slam