Made in Italy: Diadora

This article is part of our Italian Week on Tennis Buzz.

Unlike other italian brands Fila, Sergio Tacchini and ellesse, Diadora is much more known for his footwear than its clothing, and although Grand Slam champions Pat Cash, Gustavo Kuerten, Jim Courier, Jennifer Capriati and Yevgeny Kafelnikov wore Diadora, the brand will be forever tied to legend Bjorn Borg.

With their Bjorn Borg Elite, Diadora ensured their place in fashion as well as sporting history.
Made of kangaroo leather, the shoes came with a special bag that had Borg’s face on it.

Diadora Borg Elite

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Remember when Ivanisevic used to say every game he played, there were three players that could surface anytime: Good Goran, Bad Goran, Crazy Goran. The same could be said about Marat Safin.

A larger than life persona and one of the most charismatic tennis player ever, Marat is a man capable of blowing away any opponent or blowing up himself. A man capable of overwhelming the great Pete Sampras to win the US Open at only 20. A man capable of pulling down his shorts to celebrate a point. A man capable of showing up for a tournament with two black eyes.

Marat Safin

I’ve always been a big fan of Marat: sometimes I loved him, sometimes I hated him but now I really miss his game, his humor and his crazyness.

Part 1: 15 to 8
15 – Shanghai 2009: Just shut the fuck up and play
14 – US Open 2009: Everybody is an underachiever
13 – Hamburg 2000: a beer with Guga
12 – Hopman Cup 2009: black eyes
11 – US Open 2008: foot fault
10 – Wimbledon 2007: the spaghetti
9 – French Open 1998
8 – Wimbledon 2008: worst challenge ever?

Note: it’s not a ranking of Marat’s achievements, these are just 15 moments of Marat’s career which reflect “Marat being Marat”.
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