Madison Keys

Meet Zoe from The Bronx, who sees herself in Madison Keys. Both play tennis. Both choose to let their game dictate their identity. Both are changing the game without changing themselves.

Sloane Stephens

Meet Vanessa from The Bronx. Her hero Sloane Stephens changed the way Vanessa approached setbacks. She saw Sloane overcome personal and professional hardships to win and win again. Now, nothing will stop her.

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Sloane Stephens 2019 US Open shoes

Meet Katherine from Brooklyn, who sees a little bit of herself in her hero Simona Halep, who showed her that you don’t need to be the biggest to beat the best.

Serena Williams

Meet 11-year old Madison, a tennis player from The Bronx who looks up to The Queen from Compton. Serena Williams changed the game for Madison and countless girls just like her by giving her footsteps to follow and a game to emulate.

Naomi Osaka

Meet Keiko from Queens. Where she’s from, there aren’t a lot of girls into tennis, let alone girls who look like her. But then there’s Naomi Osaka. She’s into tennis. She looks like Keiko. She even plays like Keiko. Or better yet, Keiko plays like her.