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Article written by Tennis Buzz new contributor, Lewis Davies.
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They say you should never judge a book by its cover and as it turns out, it couldn’t be more true for the cover of Rafael Nadal’s memoir.

With his chest bare and broad, a stern-faced Nadal leers like a warrior ready for battle. The warrior expression is what we’re used to seeing from the multiple Grand Slam winner on his battleground of the tennis court but it holds more of an intimidating look on the front of Rafa; one which hundreds of tennis players who share the locker room with him have to contend with before even entering the fold.

But while this is the Nadal we are all familiar with on court it’s far from the Mallorcan, family-loving football fanatic his closest personnel know inside out. His family have bred him to be a gentleman and a humble one at that.

There’s a reason he’s shirtless too. Not just to make the ladies swoon but it’s a statement of how naked and open he is with the most intimate details of his personal life. It’s a surprise the book even came to pass with the attitude he holds to keeping his private life under lock and key.

If there were still things to strive for like an eluding Grand Slam title or Olympic gold medal, there’s no doubt Nadal wouldn’t have taken time out to work on it. His uncle and coach Toni Nadal would not have stood for anything less.

Such is the importance of the team Nadal has assembled and loyally stuck by for his whole career, the
often strained relationship with his coach is centred on throughout the book as Rafael and his family struggled to come to terms with his uncle’s harsh tutorage.

The book itself consists of Nadal looking back on his two greatest triumphs at Wimbledon 2008 where he defeated Roger Federer for his dream title and the 2010 US Open, the scene of his career Grand Slam. Each chapter reflects with a series of flashbacks as to how the character of the champion was built to overcome his greatest tests.

Every subject associated with Nadal is brought up. His routines in the locker room, his much scrutinised on-court habits, the relentless work ethic and possibly the best 21st century rivalry in sport between himself and Federer.

There’s a lot of setbacks and a lot of tears. The dark days are described as vividly as the glory days on Centre Court and Arthur Ashe Stadium. At times, the story of Rafael Nadal is inspirational in that it makes you go that mile further or do those extra few reps at the gym after reading.

At the end of every section Spain’s British writer John Carlin gives a welcome extension to the words Nadal says, offering analysis and contributions from his team and family, adding to the picture of the champion and the man behind the records.

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