Roger Federer and Stefan Edberg

Indian Wells 2014: Roger Federer and Stefan Edberg

Thanks to Love @ll for sharing these pics of Roger Federer and Stefan Edberg.
Want to know more about the Federer-Edberg collaboration, read this article by Tennis Magazine: Former champions: true or false coaches?

Club Fed.

Hey Roger Federer, what does RF stand for?

"Hey, I'm gonna stop at IKEA. You want anything?"

"Blergh dah ger der gah deh jorgensen.

"Who's that Swedish guy who keeps following me?"

Who dat iz?


Swedish meatball. Hee.

Security. Security!

That is not how you hit a forehand, Roger.

Awww shucks.

All eyes on Rog.

Roger is not impressed.

"Eh, I can do better."

Working on the backhand.

Casting a long shadow.

Where were we?

Fleet feet.

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