Roland Garros 2016

How to buy French Open tickets

Here’s my guide to help you buy tickets for Roland Garros, the second Slam of the season. If you have any question, feel free to ask below, I’ll do my best to answer.

The events

Serena Williams, Roland Garros 2015

Qualifyings – 22 to 26 May 2017

Tickets give access to the entire public area within the stadium. Courts 6 to 18 have unreserved seating and are open to all. Court Suzanne Lenglen is also open to all spectators to watch players from the main draw practising before the tournament starts. (Check out my report from last year’s qualifyings here).

Roland Garros Kids’ Day – 28 May 2017

Roland Garros Kids’ Day is a charity event, devoted to fund raising for charitable organisations. On Kids’ Day, exhibition matches are scheduled on the three main courts, with plenty of other activities and practice sessions on the other courts and throughout the stadium.

French Open – 29 May to 11 June 2017

Since 2006 the French Open has started on a Sunday, that means the first round is played over three days from Sunday to Tuesday. Every other round is played over two days. Unlike the Australian and US Open, there is no night session, only a day session. The provisionnal schedule is available here.

Legends Trophy – 7 to 11 June 2017

The Legends Trophy (Trophée des Légendes) brings together twenty-four of history’s greatest champions, grouped according to age in the two men’s draws, and twelve former women’s tennis stars. Matches are played on court 1 and court Suzanne Lenglen during the second week of the French Open and can be watched by holders of outside courts tickets.

Wheelchair tennis tournament – 8 to 10 June 2017

The wheelchair tennis tournament is held during the second week of the French Open. All wheelchair tennis matches can be watched by holders of outside courts tickets.

The courts

Court Philippe Chatrier, Roland Garros 2015
Tickets for show courts (Philippe Chatrier, Suzanne Lenglen, court number one) also give access to the outside courts; you will be assigned an allocated seat for the whole day. On the outside courts, seating is on a first come first served basis, there is no allocated seat.

Court Philippe Chatrier

Court Philippe Chatrier was built in 1928 as Roland Garros’s centerpiece and remains its principal venue, seating 14,840 spectators. The stadium was known simply as “Court Central” until 1998, when it was renamed for Philippe Chatrier, the long-time president of the Fédération Française de Tennis (FFT) who helped restore tennis as a Summer Olympics sport in 1988.


Court Suzanne Lenglen

The secondary Roland Garros stadium with a capacity of 10,068 spectators, the court Suzanne Lenglen was built in 1994. Suzanne Lenglen, born in 1899, was the first female tennis celebrity and one of the first international female sport stars, named La Divine (the divine one) by the French press.

Court Suzanne Lenglen Roland Garros

Court One

Nicknamed the “Bullring” because of its circular shape – is a favorite among serious tennis fans because of its relatively small size ( 3,800 seats) and feeling of close proximity to the action.

Court 1 Roland Garros

Outside courts

Courts 2, 3 and 7 are the main outside courts and have been the scene of some stunning French Open upsets in the past. In the early rounds of the tournament, outside courts are also the place to be to watch the top players practicing.

The tickets

Novak Djokovic, Roland Garros 2015

Individual tickets

Single all day tickets: Allow a reserved seat on one the show courts (Chatrier, Lenglen and Court 1) and/or unlimited access to the outside courts. From €20 on outside courts, from €50 on Chatrier.

Evening Visitors from 28 May to 6 June: Tickets to outside courts or one of the show courts from 5pm. Pre-book your tickets from 5 pm on the evening before the day you wish to attend. From €12.

Multi day passes

Multi-day passes offer a better rate than tickets bought separately. Packs available:
– qualifyings: Monday 22 to Friday 26 May, €70.
– week end: Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 June. From €200 for 2 days on Lenglen, from €225 on Chatrier.
– semifinals: Thursday 8 and Friday 9 June. From €225.
– finals: Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 June. From €270.

Premium packages

All Premium packages include one ticket to the Court Philippe-Chatrier or Suzanne-Lenglen and dedicated services: lounges, dining, hotels … More details on the official website.

Booking limits

– 1 order and payment per person: Only one payment may be made per credit card (for the same card number). Bank e-cards or virtual credit cards shall not be accepted.
– 4 tickets for the main courts over the entire tournament. Maximum of two for 9 and 11 June combined.
– 12 tickets for the outside courts over the entire tournament
– no limit for qualifyings or Roland Garros Kids’ Day

How to order tickets

Court Chatrier, Roland Garros 2015

Keep in mind that except for qualifyings, there are no ticket sales at the stadium itself before or during tournament. All bookings have to be made before the event. The tickets sell out really fast, so you better be prepared.

There are only 2 ways to legally buy tickets:
– the official Roland Garros website
– official French Open agencies that propose exclusively VIP tickets and corporate hospitality offers. You can find the complete list here.

Roland Garros website

Ticket sales open to the general public on March 22. Tickets are sold on a first come first served basis, so check out the website in advance to plan what days and courts you would like tickets for.

The e-tickets need to be printed and will be scanned at the entrance gate of the stadium, where a pass will be printed in the name of the ticketholder. These will be checked against an ID to enter the stadium.

From mid-April, you can also resell tickets via Roland Garros website and buy tickets up until the day of the event, depending on their availability. Find out how to buy resale tickets.

Tips to order your French Open tickets

– create your account in advance
– tickets are sold on a first come first served basis, so check out the website in advance to plan what days and courts you would like tickets for
– write down the tickets you want to order
– check out the booking limits: only one order and payment per person
– no need to try to log in at midnight on the first day, tickets sale open at 10am Paris time (9am GMT)
– don’t refresh your browser page, you would only lose your place in the queue
– if you didn’t get the tickets you wanted, try again from April 13th

If you manage to get tickets and want to share your pictures and stories on Tennis Buzz, please leave a comment below.

127 Responses
  1. Andrei says:


    The finals pass is more expensive then 4th an 5th tickets bought separately. Do you know why is that? Thanks

  2. ludmilla says:

    Finals tickets sell out really really fast. It’s nearly impossible to buy separately tickets for both finals in the same category. It’s rare to have tickets for tboth finals, so you pay more for a pack.

  3. Angel says:

    Hi guys, if you buy outside court tickets the day of the final for roland garros do you get any exposure at all to the game itself? Is it possible to get close to the main court and perhsps take a picture from one of the gates?

  4. ludmilla says:

    Hi Angel. No, you can just watch the match on the big screen.

  5. Angel says:

    But is the lenglen court surrounded by a different level of security for those without a ticket? In 2002 I had a ground pass and I could get close to the gates … I just want to get a picture of the action from the gate since I dont have seated tickets

  6. ludmilla says:

    You have ground passes for Sunday 5?
    If so, the final of the Trophée des Légendes takes place on Court Lenglen, so you will have access to the Lenglen with your ticket.

  7. Angel says:

    Great thanks

  8. tnsfan says:

    hi. i have a show court ticket on june 3 for the semis. can i access the outside courts that day only or can i also catch the mens final on screen?

  9. ludmilla says:

    @tnsfan, you only have access for June 3

  10. Rishabh says:

    Hi , Is there any way to get 1 ticket for court Philiipe Chatrier on Sunday the 29th ? Thanks

  11. simon says:

    Hi there if i paid for 2 semi final tickets on the resale site for me and a friend it wont let me buy another pair for the final as there is a limit of 2 tickets for june 3rd and 5th combined

    However if my friend on his ticket account buys two tickets for the final are we allowed to go on both days considering our names are both on the ticket for june 3rd, june 5th?


  12. ludmilla says:

    @simon yes you can, the limit concerns the buyer. so you can buy 2tickets for the semis, your friend can buy two tickets for the final.

  13. simon says:

    @ludmilla so if roland garros sees the same two people for mens semis and mens final it isnt an issue?

    also what are the chances the mens semis is not on the friday 3rd june and everything is shifted one day, so mens final on the monday? and mens semis on the saturday?

  14. ludmilla says:

    @simon why would it be an issue? booking limits are in place to prevent people to buy tickets in mass and resale them at higher prices. you buy 2 tickets, your friend 2 tickets too, that’s it.

    weather should be better, RG officials will do everything to play mens final on Sunday

  15. vincent says:


    I’m official agent selling corporate vip if you need any thing for 2016 please fell free to call me
    Just VIP solutions… i ‘m NOT selling tickets only

    Vincent Paolini 00 33 6 12 97 86 62

  16. Flo says:

    Which tickets should I purchase for the highest likelihood of seeing Federer play? Which day and which court?
    Thank you

  17. ludmilla says:

    @flo, tough to say so many months in advance! Are you even sure he will play?
    Usually he plays on Chatrier. Which day? It will depend on his ranking and which half of the draw he is.

  18. Louis Wang says:

    Do you know when tickets for 2017 will go on sale to the general public?

  19. ludmilla says:

    @Louis it has not been announced yet

  20. Tiffany says:

    Hi, are tickets for Roland Garros 2017 on sale yet? If so, how do I purchase them?

  21. ludmilla says:

    @Tiffany no, not before February-March.

  22. Natalia says:

    Hi, the multi-day passes are put to sale the same day as single tickets? Is that no before february-march? Thanks!

  23. ludmilla says:

    @Natalia yes, on the same day.

  24. Tanya says:

    Sorry maybe I am stupid but are you talking about booking these tickets a couple of months in advance or 14m in advance? So do I do this in March/April on the RG website in 2017 for 2017 tix – or is it for the following year?

  25. ludmilla says:

    @Tanya March 2017 for Roland Garros 2017 ;o)

  26. Jen says:

    Hi I’m interested in buying tickets for the men’s final on 11 June 2017.
    Will the RG website announce when ticket sales will start? From what I read on the Internet, it’s usually late March?

    Is there any restriction on the nationality of ticket buyers? Because I don’t live in France.

    One of the ticketing sites had a seating plan showing an “official foreign public tickets” section, which was strange. ( click on seating chart )
    Does this mean anything or is it a mistake?

    Thank you. 🙂

  27. spyros says:

    sales opening for the public for single tickets for 2017 RG 22 March 2017 at 10:00.
    what time do I have to log in to buy tickets???

  28. ludmilla says:

    @Jen: sale opens March 22 2017. There are no restriction on nationality.
    Concerning your link, Steve Furgal is an official agency for United States. That means they can legally sell Roland Garros tickets and hospitaliity packages for US residents. I guess tickets they sell are in specific sections of the stadium.

    @spyros usually Roland Garros website is put on maintenance mode the night before until the opening of the sale, so usually you can log in around 10.

    Hoping my answers helped you

  29. spyros says:

    you mean 10 ,the night before the opening of the sale??


  30. ludmilla says:

    @spyros no, the sale opens at 10 in the morning, usually you can log in at 10 in the morning, or a few minutes before, because before, the site is on maintenance mode.

  31. spyros says:

    You are VERY VERY helpful !!!!!

  32. APak says:


    What is the best way to be guaranteed to see Nadal play? Also, is there a practice schedule that is published ahead of time?


  33. ludmilla says:

    @APak difficult to say when Nadal will play. It depends on his ranking, his draw.. The practice schedule is not published.

  34. Bjayne says:

    Hi, hoping to buy tickets for men’s semi final or final for three people. I find all the information re pricing etc a bit confusing so find it difficult to determine how much tickets might be. They are for a gift so I am keen to confirm that they won’t be overly expensive and stay within our budget. Can you give me an idea what price they would normally be approximately? Thanks.

  35. Akash says:

    My wife and I are planning to attend Round 1 and 2. We have a two year old daughter. Any idea if there are restrictions on children being allowed inside the stadia or the central courts?

  36. ludmilla says:

    Hi Akash,

    Access to the Stadium is free for children under six years old. A bracelet will be given before the access. It does not allow to a reserved seat.

    In my opinion it’s a really bad idea to bring your 2-year old to Roland Garros

  37. Javier says:

    Hi, if you buy a ticket for PHILIPPE-CHATRIER or SUZANNE-LENGLEN Court, do you have free access for the oputside courts, or you need to buy a ticket separately for that?

    Thank you

  38. Rab says:

    Hi, Can you please tell me how you know which court to buy tickets for if you want to see a specific player in the early rounds?


  39. ludmilla says:

    @Javier yes you have free access to outside courts but no allocated seat

  40. ludmilla says:

    @Rab you have no way to know it. In the early rounds top 4 players play usually on court Chatrier and at least once on Suzanne Lenglen. But last year for example, Murray played two rounds in a row on Lenglen.

  41. Diana says:

    i am planning on going saturday and sunday 3rd and 4th, would you buy tickets for COURT PHILIPPE-CHATRIER or COURT SUZANNE-LENGLEN?

  42. ludmilla says:

    Hi Diana, it depends on a few different factors. Is it your first time at Roland Garros?
    Court Chatrier is bigger and usually the big 4 play there. Court Lenglen is smaller and you feel closer to the action.

  43. Christiaan Peyper says:

    Hi, now that Federer has won the Australian open and has moved up a few places in the ranking, which day and which court would you book to see him play in the first round. (I’m only in Paris until the 30th of May) Thanks in advance 🙂

  44. Sanket says:

    I am planning to visit Rolang Garros this year and i wish to see only Nadal.
    As far as i understand, there is no way to know which court will he play and when.
    If i am planning to watch the second or the third round, what is the possibility of me getting the tickets once the schedule of play has been announced?
    PS- I am travelling all the way from India to see Rafa play.

  45. ludmilla says:

    @Christiaan the last few years Federer played his first round match on court Chatrier on the first Sunday. I’m pretty sure he’ll play his first round on Chatrier.

  46. ludmilla says:

    @Sanket you’ll have to buy resale tickets if you want to wait for the draw. I never bought resale tickets, so I can’t really give you any advice.

  47. honguan says:

    Looking at the French Open website, it separates semifinal 1 and semifinal 2 on 9 June into 2, with ticket prices at 70 Euros. Does that mean that if I want to watch both men’s semifinals, I will need to pay 140 Euros? Cheers!

  48. ludmilla says:

    @honguan yes

  49. Timothy says:

    Is there a site where the prices are published by date?

  50. Carlos says:

    Hi, i’am looking to be sur to get some tickets. in that way i was checking viagogo website for sunday 4th (philippe chatrier) and the tickets are about eur 300
    That is correct? Why that huge diference compared the official info on the RG web site???
    They are speculating before the official start selling on march 22???

  51. ludmilla says:

    @Carlos the official prices are here:
    Viagogo is no longer in partnership with Roland Garros. The tickets on sale on this website are sold illegally and without any guarantee.
    Sale is already open for members of FFT (French Tennis Federation).

  52. Katie says:

    Hi there! Thanks for the helpful blog. When you say finals tickets sell out really quickly, do you mean literally in seconds/minutes like some gig tickets?

  53. ludmilla says:

    @Katie in an hour or two

  54. J says:

    Can someone please explain to me how the multi day passes for the semi finals / final are more expensive that individual purchases? In general you would assume that the multiday pass would be cheaper… if not least the same of the sum total of individual tickets….. thanks in advance

  55. ludmilla says:

    @J My explanation is: what is rare is expensive. It’s nearly impossible to buy separately tickets for both finals in the same category. It’s rare, so you pay more for a pack.

  56. Carlos says:

    Hi, i just check the RG web site and its show that the only tickes now available are those for premium packes…. when you go to the daily booking ticket selection to buy the tickets also appear the option to buy out side court ticket. The problem is that they are sold out!
    It is possible that will be more out side court ticket available on the sale that start on 22th march?

  57. ludmilla says:

    @Carlos they only sell the premium packages at the moment. The general ticket sale open on 22 March, you’ll be able to buy outside courts from that date.

  58. Jonathan says:

    Do children need a ticket too? I am planning to take my daughter, age 7, this year.

  59. ludmilla says:

    @Jonathan children over 6 need tickets

  60. eve says:

    Hi – I’m interested in getting a grounds pass for the final day (June 11) but it’s unclear on the official website exactly how many matches I could see on the outside courts:

    For sure there is the Finals Gentlemen’s Legends’ Trophy, but what does “All goings to the Finals” mean?? Thanks!

  61. ludmilla says:

    @eve “All goings to the Finals” mean you can watch the final on a big screen. You can find more info here:

  62. Adrian says:

    Do you know what are the ticket prices for the qualifying rounds (i.e during 22 – 26 May)?
    The official RG website only has ticket prices from the 28 May when the tournament officially starts.

    I’m looking to buy these tickets:
    Fri 26 May – Qualifying round
    Sun 28 May – Cat.2. Suzanne – Lenglen or Cat 1. Court 1, if SL is sold out
    Mon 29 May – Cat 3. Philippe – Chatrier or Cat 1. Court 1, if PC is sold out
    Wed 31 May – Cat 1. Court 1 or Cat 2. Court 2, if Court 1 is sold out
    Thurs 1 Jun – Cat.2. Suzanne – Lenglen or Cat 3. Philippe – Chatrier, if SL is sold out
    Sun 4 Jun – Outside Court

    I’d like at least 4 tickets of something so I’m trying to cover all options. Do you think the above is possible?


  63. Thomas says:

    Hi – I want to try to buy tickets for the men’s finals on Wednesday at the official french open website.

    I personally don’t possess a creditcard, do you know if it is possible to pay the tickets with my sisters mastercard?
    Or is it required that the owner of the account is the same as of the creditcard?


  64. ludmilla says:

    @Adrian, €20 for qualifyings.
    as for your schedule, yes it should be ok. When you’re making your order start with the Chatrier tickets then the Lenglen then the Court 1

    @Thomas there should be no problem

  65. Adrian says:


    Thank you for the prompt reply, it’s much appreciated.

    Great website too! It has helped me understand Roland Garros as I have never been, and will be making the trek all the way from Australia.


  66. ludmilla says:

    @Adrian thanks! Hoping you’ll enjoy your stay at Roland Garros.

  67. Hillary H says:

    Hi tennis buzzz blog!
    Thank you and merci (appears you are from Lille) for your great info. !
    I would like to get best possible seats for Roland Garrros June 3-4. What’s the best way to do this– go through the RG process or a ticket agency? How much would the mark up be with the latter but would that give me better odds? I’d like the ease and peace of mind of getting good seats for my travel investment… And is there a better agency?
    Thanks for your insight!

  68. ludmilla says:

    Hi Hillary, there are only 2 ways to buy tickets: Roland Garros website or official agencies. If you’re from the States the only authorized agency is tours4tennis.
    Prices are here:, tickets for 4th of June are already sold out on this site.

  69. Dorin says:


    There’s three of us and would like to buy 3 category 1 tickets for Philippe Chatrier for 2 consecutive days – the 2nd round on the 31st of May and the 1st of June.
    Does this mean that we will have to buy 6 tickets and have to make two separate orders with distinct credit cards or can we buy them all on the same order?

    Thank you

  70. ludmilla says:

    @Dorin 2 separate orders. Set up your accounts in advance, so that the process will be quicker to buy tickets on Wednesday.

  71. Diana says:

    Bucket lister here. Am baby boomer and I am going to try to buy 2017 tickets on RG website. I have never done anything like this before. I am totally in the dark. Never did this for ANY concerts. If anyone has done this to buy concert tickets I could use some of your advice.
    I plan on setting my alarm for 4am as that is 10am in Paris.
    I read that folks were #7,000 in the line to order. Where do you see that number on the website? And do you just wait?

    Any help in understanding what I will see on RG website will be helpful.
    Thank you

  72. Tony says:

    How come Multi-Pass Cat. 1 tickets for P-C on June 3 and 4 are more expensive than the same tickets priced separately – €375 compared to €300

  73. ludmilla says:

    @Diana when you’re in the queue the only things you can see is your number is the queue and the estimated time of wait. And yes you just wait, don’t refresh your browser you would lose your place in the queue.
    Set up an account in advance, prepare yourself: write down the tickets you want to order. Follow the instructions everything is well explained.

  74. ludmilla says:

    @Tony It is difficult to get tickets for the weekend especially on Chatrier. So, you pay a bit more and you’ve got two tickets in the same category.

  75. Murty says:


    Thanks so much for your helpful comments and advice.

    I was wondering about the “place in the queue”. Does signing into my Roland Garros account and not logging off for days on end give me a place for regularly priced tickets? (I am asking because the only orders available now are for premium packages.)

  76. Tony says:

    Sounds good Ludmilla, many thanks for your response

  77. Diana says:

    Thank you for your response. I will follow your advice.

  78. Diana says:

    Thank you for your response. I will follow your advice.

    What time do you suggest I get to RG to buy qualifying ticket for Friday, May 25?

  79. ludmilla says:

    @Murty Roland Garros website will be put on maintenance mode later today to prepare tomorrow’s sale , all the accounts will be logged off. Tomorrow when the site is up again you’ll join the queue.

  80. ludmilla says:

    @Diana do you mean you want to buy qualies tickets at Roland Garros stadium? You go there in the morning and you buy it.

  81. Diana says:

    Yes, I will buy qualies at stadium. Just wondered if you suggest getting there as early as possible. Would there be a chance that all qualies would be sold?
    Thank you for all your help!!!!


  82. ludmilla says:

    @Diana don’t get there too early there will be nobody at the stadium ;o) If I remember well, gates open at 10. So, on the 25th of May, get there around 9.30. Not sure, I never bought at the stadium.

  83. Malli says:

    Hi Ludimilla,

    I want buy the Men’s final tickets. Is it possible to get the tickets in the early May based on my trip to Paris. Just wondering whether tickets will be completely sold out by tommorw itself :). Also is there any registered agency in India to book the tickets?

  84. Radu says:


    I waited 30 min in the queue and then I selected the tickets and then I waited for a long time and nothing happened. It was just a sign, something like a “please wait”. What should I do? Should I wait more time? I already waited 25 minutes.

    Thank you!

  85. James says:

    Hi Radu,

    Same thing happened to me. Was queuing from 9 (gmt). Selected tickets then got waiting screen then it redirected me after 20mins to back of queue again. Am trying on my mobile but am still 6000 places away. Really frustrating as have queued twice now and got in only for website to fail me.

  86. Radu says:

    James, please tell me what is happening next. I am nr 17.000 in the queue again.

    Thannks and good luck!

  87. James says:

    Its just done it again!!!! Back to 18000! Is there someone I can call?

  88. Radu says:

    I have no idea 🙁

    I still have 7000 to go, I am usinng my mobile phone now. I will let you know what happens.

  89. Eivind says:

    Got in line exactly at 10:00 as number 800, but the order page didn’t work in Safari. Ridiculous. Should have had tickets for mens final, but now I got nothing.

  90. James says:

    Finally got tickets. Had to phone my wife and she did it from her work pc. Didnt work for me on phone or tablet got sent to the back of the queue 3 times! Only wanted 1st round tickets so still lots left when we got on. Good luck guys. Hope you get through!

  91. Radu says:

    Finally I got also for the first round, because it was the only possibility, also from a different pic. Does anyone know if it is going to be a resale process? I would also like tickets for men final.

  92. Eivind says:

    Radu: Yes, there will be resale. I managed to get cat2 tickets for mens final last year that way.

  93. ludmilla says:

    @Radu from April 5 you can buy/sell unwanted tickets

  94. ludmilla says:

    @Malli Finals tickets are sold out a few hours after the start of the sale. From April 5 you can buy/sell unwanted tickets

  95. Luciana says:

    I managed to get tickets on the 22.03 but not the quantity I wanted. I got 3 instead of 4. Is the restriction of 4 tickets per person and one credit card still applies during the resale? Also, is there any issue with someone buying a ticket for another person (i.e. beneficiary of the ticket is not the purchaser/account holder)? Thanks.

  96. ludmilla says:

    1. from what I know yes. You can only buy one more with the same card.
    2. no. each ticket must have the name of the ticketholder, it will be checked with your IDs.
    for exemple for the 3 tickets you bought: ticket 1 Luciana Smith, ticket 2 John Smith, ticket 3 Jane Smith
    Hoping it’s a bit clearer.

  97. sook says:

    Tickets seem to be available on ticketbis (a stubhub company). IS this a legitimate source for tickets? When do official resales begin on the RG site?

  98. ludmilla says:

    No. There are only 2 ways to legally buy tickets:
    – the official Roland Garros website
    – official French Open agencies that propose exclusively VIP tickets and corporate hospitality offers. You can find the complete list here:
    From April 5, you can buy resale tickets via Roland Garros website.

  99. Lonnie R says:


    What about

    I live in the US. Tickets purchased from there are illegal and not real tickets?

    I want to place an order today.

  100. ludmilla says:

    Official agencies are listed here:
    tennistours is not one of them

  101. amoret says:

    I managed to get quarter finals tickets but would really like semi finals tickets instead… Do you know how the resale works? Do I have to log on a couple of times every day to see if new tickets are available? Or is there a way to be notified?
    Do you know when the draw for 2017 will be published?
    Thanks so much for the good (and patient) work you do ludmilla, it is much appreciated! 🙂

  102. ludmilla says:

    Hi amoret, thanks for your nice comment. The site is currently on maintenance mode, I guess they’re preparing the resale. Usually you have to login and check out regularly to see if tickets are available. Maybe they changed the process this year. The draw is done at noon, May 27.

  103. Lindsey says:

    Hi! I am looking for 2 tickets to the French this year, we are going to be in Paris May 31-June 6th. The RG site has tickets but they are nearly $400-500. Am I missing something? I cannot find the spot for resale tickets. Do you have any advice for me?


  104. ludmilla says:

    @Lindsey the 300-400 euros tickets are premium tickets that include visit to the stadium, access to lounges… Resale tickets are not yet available

  105. Lindsey says:

    Ludmilla, thanks for your response! Ok good. In your experience, are there typically lots of resale tickets sold in years past? Or is this kind of a cross your fingers situation?

  106. ludmilla says:

    It depends on a lot of factors: the weather, the players left in the draw…

  107. Milos says:

    I am interested in watching Nadal on a 3rd or 4th of June (weekend), but it is impossible to know on which court he will be on and weekend pass is 200-225 for one person. Any tip?

  108. ludmilla says:

    @Milos once inside the stadium there are always people eager to exchange Chatrier for Lenglen tickets or vice versa. So if you bought Chatrier tickets and he’s on Lenglen, try to find a Rafa fan to exchange tickets.

  109. J says:

    Are there any tickets you can queue for the day of (like the queue at Wimbledon)?

  110. ludmilla says:

    @J no

  111. Amit Chourey says:

    Hi Tennis buzz blog. com

    I want to thank you for your blog and the tips that you mentioned. I now have tickets to both mens single semifinals, and the entire credit goes to your tips. I took me 3 hours from 10 am on the day of sale , 22nd march. Multiple card failures and unresponsive pages, but i was persistent and finally got them. Cannot express my joy 🙂 . I wanted to try for finals, but given my ranking in the queue opted for semis, because i know one wrong click could have costed me these tickets.

    Also if anybody gave up during the sale process, because the page was unresponsive – please remember for next year – Do not refresh the page or kill the page at any cost, just wait.

    Thanks again, ludmilla.

  112. Amit Chourey says:

    Also for everyone asking about resale tickets. The actual tickets bought were made available from 19th April. On your individual accounts. That also meant the tickets could be resold. I put up the two women singles semi final tickets for resale last night ( as i wont be able to make it on that day) , and one of them is already resold today morning. So I would say resale is open now.

  113. ludmilla says:

    Hi Amit, thanks for your feedback, it’s always nice to hear someone managed to get tickets thanks to my advices!
    And yes indeed, resale is now open.

  114. Diana Alvarez says:

    I have my tickets but am having trouble printing them out.
    I bought two tickets for two different days.
    Was able to print out one day but not getting the second to print. Keep getting only the first.
    I have 8 downloads of the same ticket.

    I have 3 more tickets to print yet and am getting nervous.

    Thank you,

  115. ludmilla says:

    Well, you have a month to print them, so i think it’s gonna be ok…
    Download one, verify the pdf, print it
    If you can’t download it directly via the website, send it by mail, verify it, print it, delete the mail and then again.

  116. Diana Alvarez says:

    You are brilliant!!!
    I deleted the first email with Sunday ticket that I had already printed.
    Sent second ticket for Thursday by e-mail and was able to open it and print it.
    Now I have my two tickets for both days.
    Now I know I can do it.
    You are always so calm and supportive.

    Thank you, so very much,

  117. ludmilla says:

    Good, now that you have your tickets printed you should read the FAQ:

  118. Melo says:

    Hi there,

    I already purchased tickets from Viagogo before i noticed that they are not an official partner anymore. Now i have two tickets with a different holder name, no way to contact Viagogo by any way, and don’t know what to do. Could you tell me how serious they are about checking the name and ID at the entrance?
    My only problem is that the both buyer and holder names are not mine.

    Thanks a lot!!

  119. Sarat says:


    I wish to get tickets for the Men’s final this year. I know it is very last-minute.

    Can you tell me what the chances of getting a ticket in the re-sale are? Do people who have tickets for the Men’s final actually cancel them? :-O

    That only leaves Viagogo as an option right now. They are selling tickets at three times their actual price! They’re not even legal anymore right?

    Should I wait for re-sale tickets to become available or should I opt for Viagogo?

    Do people with Viagogo tickets manage to watch the match ultimately?

  120. ludmilla says:

    @Melo everyone has to show his ID card or passport and they verify if the name is the same as the one on your ticket

  121. ludmilla says:

    @Sarat of course people resale tickets even tickets for the finals, sometimes because something prevent them to go, or because they are not interested in the players in the final: for example a die-hard Federer fan who gives no shit of a Murray-Djokovic final

    You have absolutely no guaranty with Viagogo (read the comment above yours): the seller can sell the same tickets multiple times on Viagogo, or he can sell it and he doesn’t change the name of the ticket holder that means you can’t use the ticket you bought. Or he might be honest.

    By the way, resale is already open, you have to check regularly if tickets are available, check out this article:

  122. Sarat says:

    @ludmilla: Thanks for the reply.

    I am from India, so I cannot afford to wait till the draw is released and a few rounds are played. I need to apply for visa, book flight tickets, etc.

    However, do you think I ought to wait till May end to see if I can get the tickets for the Men’s final on June 11th?

    I have been checking the website for resale openings regularly but I couldn’t find any. Do you think it is any more likely that people may cancel tickets as the event approaches closer?

  123. ludmilla says:

    It’s difficult to give you some advice. Do you go to Paris only for the men’s final? How many days do you plan to stay there?

  124. Sarat says:

    @ludmilla: I got tickets for QF instead of the Final. I will plan my trip to Paris accordingly. I hope Nadal, who I plan to catch, plays in the QF I have tickets for.

    @others: let me know if anyone wants to exchange a ticket for QF on Suzanne Lenglen on June 6th. I have a spare ticket which I’d like to exchange with QF on Philippe Chatrier. I want to exchange at EXACTLY THE SAME PRICE as the face value of the ticket on the Roland Garros official site.

  125. Sarat says:

    @ludmilla: I hope you forgive me for asking about tickets. I should have checked with you before posting.

    I just want to exchange at the same price as FFT as I have a spare ticket I don’t wish to use. It is official and legal. So hope you don’t mind.

    Are we allowed to post info related to ticket availability here? I’m sure everyone who wrote here is a sincere tennis fan. So it’d help if we mutually benefitted.

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