Gianluigi Quinzi, the next Adriano Panatta?

This article is part of our Italian Week on Tennis Buzz.

Gianluca Quinzi

If you haven’t heard the name Gianluigi Quinzi yet, it is just a question of time.
This fall, at only 14, he won 4 consecutive 18-under ITF events in 4 weeks without dropping a set. He also won the Boys 14s European Championships earlier this summer.
Quinzi has been training at the IMG Bollettieri Tennis Academy since he was nine years old and is coached by Eduardo Infantino and Eduardo Medica.

Gianluigi is currently only 15 years old and some tennis experts predict him a bright future in the pros and some already see him as the next Adriano Panatta, the last male Italian player to capture a Grand Slam title (1976 French Open).

Here is a video of Gianluca practicing at the IMG Bollettieri Tennis Academy in October 2010.


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