French Open live coverage: Nadal vs Melzer

Who will be Soderling’s opponent in final? Nadal or Melzer?
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World No. 2 Nadal takes a 2-0 head-to-head record into his match against the 29-year-old Melzer. Nadal conceded just four games in each of their previous two meetings, in the quarter-finals of the Beijing Olympics and last year on clay at the Madrid Masters Series.

16.58: Warm-up

17.04 1-0 Nadal

17.12 Melzer holds serve easily 1 all.

17.15 Venus and Serena Williams have just captured the doubles crown over Peschke and Srebotnik 6-2 6-3.

17.21 Both players hold serve easily 3-2 Nadal

17.25 3 break points for Rafa

17.26 Double fault, Rafa breaks: 4-2

17.31 5-2 Nadal in just 25 minutes

17.35 Nadal breaks again 6-2.

17.51 2-1 Rafa second set

17.56 3-1 Rafa. Rafa is Rafa, Melzer is tired, so no miracle for the Austrian so far.

18.00 Surprise: Melzer attacks the net and breaks back: 3-2 Nadal

18.06 And Rafa breaks 4-2

18.17 and second set for Nadal, 6-3.

18.31 Rafa breaks in the first game of the third set and leads now 3-1.

18.40 Probably the easiest of his match in Roland Garros this year : 4-2 in the third set for the future number one?

18.45 Melzer serves to stay in this match.

18.54 Nadal serves for the match but 3 break points for Melzer! And double fault! 5 all in the third now.

18.56 Melzer finally decides to play. It was time!

19.16 That’s it, Nadal is in finals. It was a bit difficult for him o finish off the match: 7-6 in the third.

Nadal will play Sunday against the only player who beat Nadal in Roland Garros.

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