Amélie Mauresmo: we just have to keep working

Interview by Christine Thomas for l’Equipe, translated by Tennis Buzz:

Andy Murray was rubbing shoulders with Novak Djokovic during three sets and then…

His level is not good enough to beat an amazing Novak Djokovic who manages to raise his level in the important moments and also served much better than him. Andy, he was a bit shy when he led. These are the two things that made the difference before Andy collapsed a bit at the end of the match.

Do you feel frustrated?

No, not too much. In a short time, Andy has made quite significant progress. The little things are always the most difficult to pick. Andy spent two really good weeks compared to his level of last year. But to beat a world number one who, even when he is not at his best, is still on top, you have to keep working. When we look at where Andy is coming from (he had back surgery in September 2003) and where he is today, even if there are still steps to go before lifting a trophy, the gap is narrowing. I’m with him to get a title.

At Roland Garros?

Roland Garros and Wimbledon are close. We will see how it will happen on clay. Andy has good references on grass. But it was interesting for me to watch the match against Djokovic to see where Andy was compared to him. Novak alternates the amazing and the little less good. At times, you think that there is room, and then he closes the door. He adds something to his game. It’s interesting, I took notes!

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